Team Galas: How to get selected

We have a packed calendar of Team Galas during 2017 with a number of dates already in the diary.

It’s our intention and there is a very good chance each one of you will be asked to step up for the club at some point.


Sometimes it can be difficult choosing a team when there are a limited number of swims available in a gala programme. Here our head coach responsible for squads Peter Stretton explains the thinking behind the selection process.



We look at your PB’s and any time restrictions on the gala programme. If a gala is time restricted we try to select swimmers who will need to swim to their best and still score points, if you are too quick for your age group you may be asked to ‘swim up’ in an older age group. So it’s important you keep your PB’s up to date via open meets, etc. The top level galas such as Arena do not have time restrictions so the fastest swimmers tend to be selected, however that’s not everything, read on.

Squad Values

Equally, if not more important to a coach when picking a team is how the swimmer represents their squads values. It’s a direct reflection of the coaches, and therefore the clubs character, it’s our shop front, it’s what people see when we perform, it promotes us and helps us do our very best.

Two things then, the values and how you perform them:


Attendance, Technical Skill, Self-Discipline, Hard Work, Commitment, Consistency, Responsibility and Respect


When a swimmer is out at an event, they do try their very best. For a coach picking a team these values are considered before the event via monitoring and observation and this is how we do it. Monitoring is done via log books and test swims which are built into your training program, think of it like this, every set you do is a test set, even a warm up, Perfection is what is required. Observation, this is what the coach does when you are training, then understanding what we see and thinking ahead about improvements. We welcome feedback and evaluate our training against our own performance and values.


So there we are, practice your values as often as you can and make it harder for us coaches to pick our teams.


The Very Best,

Your Coaches