Club Captains

Boy's Captain - Max Stebbings

Vice Captain - Thomas Saunders

Girl's Captain - Sally Russell

Vice Captain - Hannah Tate

The Jack Petchey Award Foundation added us to the list of Youth Organisations they support with grants and funding in May 2015 and since then we have recognised and rewarded the achievements of

our swimmers.


Designed to help Youth Organisations with memberships in the 13 to 25 age range, we have qualified for up to 6 Youth Awards per annum, and 1 Adult Leader Award. All award winners receive a personal award, an invitation to a gala award night, and a cheque for the club. The winner gets to choose how the prize is spent by the club. Please bear in mind that funds have to spent according to strict parameters laid down by the Foundation so take a look at this list for inspiration.

For more about Jack Petchey and the fabulous work that the foundation does take a look at their website:

2019 Winners:
  • Hannah Sheppard

  • Cerys Podmore

  • Hannah Tate

  • Hannah Eastland

  • Sky Smith-Stevens

  • Caelan Gokani


2018 Winners:
  • Eva Murphy

  • Emily Cullen

  • Tansie McNamara

  • Sally Russell

  • Jedi Wong

  • George Ogden

2017 Winners:
  • Shreya Ganguli

  • Noah Chambers

  • Benjamin Burgess

  • Molly Sebire

  • Abbie Cullen

  • Kieran Barry

2016 Winners:
  • Jodie Kirk

  • Amy Wass

  • Ethan Cullen

  • Nathan Bishop

  • Cerys Sullivan

  • Abby Collins

  • Eugenie Bailey